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Niman Ranch Lamb

Niman Ranch takes pride in partnering with fewer than a dozen ranching families in the Pacific region, most of whom are multiple generation farmers. Their lambs are 100% traceable back to their birth ranch.

Dungeness Crab: Crack Open The Bounty

Fortunately for crustacean enthusiasts, this year’s relatively bountiful harvest of fresh, local Dungeness coming into Bodega Bay, Bolinas and Half Moon Bay (via Ports Seafood), looks to keep rolling in through March.

Grafton: It Takes A Village

Cheesemaking traditions in the historic Village of Grafton, Vermont date from the 19th century.

Les Aphrodisiacs

At The Chefs’ Warehouse we have all the magnificent products and ingredients to make your Valentine's Day holiday memorable as well as profitable.

Generosity In the Genes

(Louis P. Guaraldi and son Ron Guaraldi) Ron Guaraldi, longtime Sales Rep for Del Monte Meats, (‘I remember when Del Monte cows would march down...

CW CHEF BITE 1: Chef Sam Ramadan, His Three Shining Boca’s,...

Ten Bay Area CW Chefs and Their Favorite CW Ingredient of the Moment Who: Chef Sam Ramadan Restaurant(s): Boca Tavern (Novato CA,) Boca Pizzeria (Novato, CA) Boca Pizzeria...

Quentin Cooks

CW gives back in a big way by funding a professional cooking program for soon to be released inmates of San Quentin California State...

CW: Synergy & Diversity

This is an exciting time for The Chefs’ Warehouse. As we grow, our commitment to our family culture of business grows with us. Developing...

The CW Holiday Cornucopia

When it comes to holidays, CW has ‘everything you need for anything you want.’ Make the most of your seasonal menus with a little help from our CW Holiday Cornucopia, filled with ingredient ideas and menu suggestions.

Reaching New Heights: Francois Mellet

Francois Mellet, Chefs’ Warehouse Corporate Pastry and Chocolate Specialist, is honored in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for creating the largest chocolate sculpture on earth. Known for his precision and innovation, Mellet was the first chocolate specialist to bring “bean-to-bar” chocolate classes to North America.
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