Fortunately for crustacean enthusiasts, this year’s relatively bountiful harvest of fresh, local Dungeness coming into Bodega Bay, Bolinas and Half Moon Bay (via Ports Seafood), looks to keep rolling in through March.

The testing for neurotoxin domoic acid wreaked havoc on last year’s crab season. However, this season’s ‘perfect storm’ is blessing the Bay Area with sizable, great quality local Dungeness. Tim Ports, President of Ports Seafood offers, “This year, the different tack on the domoic acid testing on our local Dungeness Crab populations has allowed for a plentiful harvest.”

Fresh, local Bay Area Dungeness Crab, have been coming in to Pier 45 in San Francisco since the late 1800’s and are notorious for being heartier in size than their Washington State rivals.

Besides their dependable popularity on local menus, Dungeness Crab, with their light red shell and tender, sweet-firm flesh, are known for boosting libidos due to their high level of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which benefit overall health. In addition, the protein obtained from Dungeness Crab, unlike beef, is heart-healthy, containing no sugar, and minimal fat.

Tame the post holiday season blues with Dungeness roasted with garlic, Serrano chilis, parsley, thyme, lemon and lashings of melted butter. 2017 has much to offer. Crack open the bounty.