Courtesy of Appetite, The Chefs’ Warehouse outstanding and informative Video Series on Unique Local Ingredients from around the world.

One hundred and fifteen miles North of San Francisco, past the redwoods, the golden hilled, winery peppered landscape will lead you to the boutique town of Booneville California, where Piment D’Ville is made.

Hand harvested by a talented farmer and man of the land named Nacho, Piment D’Ville is created by a ‘Crazy Chef,’ and produced by proprietor of The Booneville Hotel, Johnny Schmitt. Piment D’Ville is fast becoming the key to the ‘secret sauce’ in our nation’s greatest restaurants.

Inspired by pepper products traditionally produced around the town of Espelette in the basque region of Southern France, (a land similar in soil and climate to Booneville, CA), Piment D’Ville is a spice that has gradually replaced black pepper in everyday basque cooking.

We find ourselves using Piment D’ville on everything from popcorn, to simple roast chicken or in a red chile cream sauce. It also works well with chocolate or on a cocktail glass. – The Crazy Chef, Piment D’Ville

Dive in to the ‘weird, quirky community of Boonville in a pepper’, and discover what could be your missing ingredient, Piment D’ville.