For the cynical, Valentine’s Day represents Hallmark-fueled materialism; but for most of us, it is an opportunity to express feelings for loved ones. For those of us in Foodservice it is an oasis in a traditionally slower and usually colder time of the year.

At The Chefs’ Warehouse we have all the magnificent products and ingredients to make your holiday memorable as well as profitable. With the holiday falling on a Tuesday this year, restaurateurs are given the opportunity to capitalize on both the weekend before and after.


No opening cocktail or aperitif will be complete without a Luxardo cherry or for the more adventurous perhaps the Filthy black or maraschino cherry.


Ignite your Charcuterie offerings with Fabrique Pates, Framani Salumis, and mouthwatering cheeses such as Point Reyes Toma, Marieke Gouda or the heavenly Cypress Grove Bermuda Triangle. The Devil’s in the details with Denoix Violet Mustard, Bel Aria 8 Type Festive Blend Olives, Carr’s Assorted Crackers or a Demi Baguette.


Surround the entrée with Micro Greens & Fingerlings. Add Bel Aria Arborio Rice for a rustically tempting risotto. Get exotic with unique pastas and grains like Cous Cous, Amaranth, and Farro.


Filet Mignon from Michael’s, Allen Brothers & Del Monte highlight the center of the plate accompanied with Lobster Tails, ABS Shrimp, King Crab Legs, seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras and, of course, Fresh Oysters.


Aphrodite swoons with Desserts and Digestives: Passionfruit and Raspberry Compounds, Purees for tarts, cakes, granitas, mousses, and seductive nightcaps.

6Dessert Cheese

Our delicious triple cream cheeses such as Pierre Robert or St. Andre perfectly compliment fruit and the vintage Port.

7Piéce de Resistance

Chocolate being ‘the food of the Gods’, CW boasts the best selection from legendary Valrhona to delectable Chocoa. Dazzle with dessert decoration from flowers to hearts and coating chocolate for dipping strawberries. Offer Varda Truffles and Bridor Macarons for the best petit fours and mignardises imaginable.