Holiday season greetings to all of our CW customers, as well as the invaluable team that makes up The Chefs’ Warehouse, Del Monte and family of companies. For many of us, the months between November and January are a time of
harvest-fueled abundance, overflowing with festive and decadent celebrations with family, friends and business associates and colleagues.

In the spirit of ‘sharing the bounty’ this holiday season, CW would like to shine a light on Hunger at Home (and other like non-for-profits), whom CW donates to on an ongoing basis, highlighting the important and selfless work they do 365 days a year to help feed the hungry and in need. Please take a moment to check out their compelling and powerful initiatives to discover how easy it is to make a big difference.

Finally, I wish to extend my own message of gratitude to be a part of the CW ‘family’ at this exciting time, with the greatest team, providing the finest ingredients to our dynamically talented and hard-working customers.