By Bruce Luong
CW Executive Vice President West Coast and Canada

Positivity is so important right now. We are very happy to see that the demand for dining out has continued to grow. We are also pleased to report that we have hired some talented new folks to join our CW team. This new staffing is really going to help support us going into the holidays and beyond.

We are also seeing fewer product shortages than we have in the recent past. Getting products into the warehouse and out to our customers has improved significantly.

Despite our imported products being a little more difficult to acquire, we, for the most part, have products in the warehouse to accommodate our customers. We also continue to look at new
product lines which helps us fill the gap when there’s a void.

As always, creativity in this industry is often about pivoting. Sometimes there’s a silver lining having to use a different product or even an alternative ingredient from the same vendor because it can allow chefs to discover and be creatively inspired. The most successful chefs get creative across the board. From providing outdoor dining, and offering meal kits, to adding elements of technology to leverage labor, talented chefs and pastry chefs keep reinventing the culinary world.

Providing exceptional products and service to our chefs is the core of the CW Brand. To add to this, CW values all of our customers no matter the size of their establishment. From multilevel, 3 Michelin Star venues headed up by celebrity chefs, to small family run cafes famous for their signature dishes, we do our very best to make sure everyone gets the products they need so that they can run their business.

What we’ve accomplished in the past twelve months has been amazing. This time of year I am truly grateful for our employees, our team members; the folks that have stuck with us through all of the challenges we faced. Through floods and fires, and the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, our team members are the heart of our company. To say that I’m grateful to them is an understatement because without them we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.

The holiday season is an opportune time to spend time with family and reflect on what we’re thankful for; to take a deep breath and enjoy what we have in front of us.