Vince Licata

I consider myself a veteran of foodservice but it goes much deeper than that. My family background in the seafood and Italian food business began in the early days of North Beach in San Francisco. My grandfather was a crab seller and his father before him. “Four crabs for a dollar” they used to say and then gave away the left over crabs at the end of the day. Our family enjoyed 45 years of success in the restaurant business in the SF Bay Area. Vince’s Italian and Seafood was the name and it was an icon of the San Francisco Peninsula at the time. But when my father asked me to join the family business in 1987, I passed. It was then where I started my foodservice distribution career. My focus has been broad based: Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, and Product development, mostly with a focus on protein. It was in 2011, when I found Del Monte Meat Company, that my COP experience was fully developed. You haven’t sold meat until you have sold meat for a family owned meat company. My role today remains diverse: Contract Sales Management, Vendor Management, Procurement, and Pricing; all relying on a pieces of my past to support Del Monte and The Chefs Warehouse into the future. I make my home with my wife and daughter in Northern California, where the food and weather are great. I would not have it any other way.

Taste-Memories of Spain from the Heart of Central Texas

Aurelia’s Artisan Spanish Air Dried Chorizo, owned and operated by Leslie Horne, and procured in enigmatic Austin, Texas, is a business based on a...

Mindful Meats

Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified, Mindful Meats beef is unique to anything else on the market. In fact, In 2013, Mindful Meats became the first Non-GMO Project Verified Beef in the United States.

Niman Ranch Lamb

Niman Ranch takes pride in partnering with fewer than a dozen ranching families in the Pacific region, most of whom are multiple generation farmers. Their lambs are 100% traceable back to their birth ranch.