The CW family of companies are proud to be the ‘go to’ source for intelligent food in North America.

It seems our industry faces a variety of new challenges constantly, from increasing labor costs, to rising rents, and changing meal patterns. The creativity, ingenuity, and ability to recreate itself despite these obstacles is nothing short of miraculous.

2017, I am sure, will be filled with many surprises, and of course incredible meals prepared by the world’s greatest Chefs working with the finest ingredients, produced locally and from the world’s preeminent sources.

We are very excited to have our customers using our new CW culinary facilities! Whether it be testing out new menu items and concepts, or doing dry runs; getting ready for a new opening. Our kitchens are the talk of the town. We are so proud to have them buzzing with excitement, filled with the smell of great cooking (and of course the great leftovers for us to eat!)

With all our incredible suppliers, (from 40 countries, 1,700 sources and growing), new cut shops, 25,000 plus loyal customers, state-of-the-art new buildings, and cutting edge technology to service our customers better, its hard not to get excited about 2017!

Bon Appetit!