Kelli Colaco

Ironically, I was one of those kids who strangely collected the early food magazines and glossy large gourmet food books with lush sprawling images of al fresco feasts in Provence and Spain. etc. As a longtime struggling actor and writer in NYC, I worked in more restaurants and waited on more tables than I can remember. After reading Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential way back when, I began to see clearly how food, restaurants and bars are at the center of all things vibrant, delicious and human about being a live; full of endless stories and flavors. So, in 1997 when I was offered the opportunity to work as Head Copy Writer for The Chefs Warehouse, NYC (then Dairyland), I literally jumped at the chance. My work with CW from NYC, to London/Europe to San Francisco/Bay Area has provided me with some of the most savored 'ingredients' of my life. Grateful to be a part of the complex recipe after all these years.

The Remarkably Flavorful Story of…

Chef Oscar Amador Edo grew up in a small town adjacent to Barcelona, and Edo remembers his early affinity for Catalonia’s rich culinary traditions.

Rising Fast & Fermenting Slow

22-year-old Jyan Isaac gets up at 3:30 am on the days he bakes for his acclaimed (LA Times, Food & Wine Magazine), brick-and-mortar Jyan Issac Bread, on 16th and Ocean Park in Santa Monica.

Revolutionizing Tradicional at Acopio

Restaurant dreams run in the family for the Vidrio family. As with most dreams, the journey to making them a reality is rife with unpredictable challenges as well as unforeseeable joy and satisfaction after all of the hard work.

Inspiration and Brazil Education

Junior Borges is more than a chef. He’s a force of will, talent, and determination; a lesson on how humble hard work intermingled with vision can take you as far as your dreams can venture.

Journey to ‘Yes’

Discover the full circle success and tenacity of amazing chocolatier/pastry chef/owner Cinthya Romriell of Cinful Sweets, not to mention the ancient Mayan magic that infuses her Valrhona fueled confections.

Chef of the Land

Chef Brian Smith of Maynard’s, a Tucson native (and desert farmer in his own right,) utilizes Sonoran’s unique locally grown treasures to bring his fresh and vibrant spin to traditional cooking and ignite his seasonal menu.

Geeking Out

Stumbling on this San Francisco neighborhood gem is gastronomic luck, and you can leave your suit jacket at home.

Bromance is in the Air at Signature Restaurant

Chemistry is everything. Just ask Executive Chef John Carpenter and Sous Chef Jaime Torres of quintessentially provincial Signature Restaurant.

The Dynamic Spark of the Starks

I’ve heard of couples in the industry who manage to successfully open and run a venue together. This is a rarity to be respected....

Following the Fun with Rob Moore

Let’s be totally honest. Despite the fear, loss, and stress of the global pandemic, some of it was enjoyable, meaningful even; a time to...