Cheesemaking traditions in the historic Village of Grafton,
Vermont date from the 19th century.

The natural, healthy qualities of raw milk infuse Grafton Village Cheese products with award-winning flavor not found in mass-produced cheeses.

The Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company was founded in 1892 by dairy farmers who gathered to make their surplus raw milk into cheese, but in 1912, fire destroyed the factory. Fortunately, the Windham
Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of Vermont’s rural communities, restored the company in the 60’s and a new era for cheese was born.

The mission of the Windham Foundation is to promote the vitality of Vermont’s rural communities through
philanthropic and educational programs that have
given millions of dollars directly benefiting Vermont and Vermonters. Their scholarship program has helped thousands attend college, and their historic preservation and land conservation work preserves the beautiful Vermont landscape and its many historic structures.

When you choose Grafton Cheddar you directly support the land and the lives of the Grafton community.