Mike Behan

At the young age of fifteen, someone told me you could make ' a lot of money as a busboy' so I applied for my first restaurant job and fell in love. I spent close to 20 years working every aspect of the restaurant business from parsley chopper to Executive Chef, from busboy to Sommelier. I was privileged to work and learn from some of the greatest restaurateurs in the Chicago area, highlighted with time spent at The Kingston Harbour Yacht Club and the legendary Café Provencal. After moving to Indianapolis I took a chance and left the restaurant business to try my hand at being a food salesman at Rykoff Sexton. I found I really enjoyed helping restaurateurs and chefs achieve their goals. I rose quickly through the ranks at Sexton becoming the top salesman in Indiana before accepting a position at Michael's Finer Meats and Seafoods. I quickly became the Sales Manager for Michael's in Indiana and Illinois and was their leading salesman for well over a decade before relinquishing most of my accounts and accepting the job of Director of Specialty Sales for the Chef's Warehouse. A role I have apparently been training for, for over forty years because it has allowed me to use my knowledge, passion and skills, to continue to do what I do best - help restaurateurs and chefs create an incredible dining experience for their guests.

Nashville Rocks!

The historic capitol, notorious for its music legends, world renowned venues, and live music, put on a culinary event that was hugely successful and inspiring.

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Spring is a terrific time for the restaurant industry, as we come out of hibernation with two holidays tailor-made for us – Easter & Mother’s Day, perfect vehicles to try out new ideas in front of what is certain to be a captive audience.

Les Aphrodisiacs

At The Chefs’ Warehouse we have all the magnificent products and ingredients to make your Valentine's Day holiday memorable as well as profitable.

Oil Talk: EVOO and Origin

  California Oil Ranch: USA These California oils have drawn rave reviews and garnered awards. Why? For one, California EVOOs have lower acidity levels than those...