Slow Food, founded in Italy in the 80’s, gave birth to the “locavore” preferences we see today in
Restaurateurs, Chefs, and their customers. The advantages for restaurant professionals are clear:
support of local economies, firsthand knowledge of who raised and grew your products, a reduced carbon footprint, and storage time extensions. No other company shares CW’s commitment to provide the best from around the globe and even more importantly, the best from our local suppliers.

In the Ohio Valley and across our 6-State Territory we highlight products from:

9Blue Grass Meats

Blue Grass Quality Meats are created with Quality pork, Quality turkey breasts and Quality beef. No by-products, cereals, fillers, artificial colors or flavors. Only the finest ingredients mixed with real spices can create such unique, quality products, which have become favorites of our family, friends and customers everywhere.

8Gerber’s Amish Farm

Located in the heart of the Ohio’s Amish Country, Gerber Poultry produces and processes a truly all natural, antibiotic free chicken. The chickens are raised on Amish family farms with plenty of room to roam. Their diet consists of the highest quality vegetarian feed.

7Indiana Kitchens

Sourced from local farms, Indiana Kitchen bacon is naturally smoked and generously cut, leaving you with less fat for a meatier flavor. Their fresh and Natural pork products—including tenderloin, back ribs, pork shoulder, boneless pork loin and more—contain no added hormones or MSG and are also sourced only from local, Midwest farms.

6Longdale Farm

Longdale Farm is a small, family owned and operated farm located in South Charleston, Ohio. They partner with other local family farms to rear cattle. Their natural steaks have been tested in certified labs and proven to be 20-45% lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than conventional beef, and significantly lower in cholesterol than boneless, skinless chicken breast.

5Maple Leaf Farm

Since the beginning, Maple Leaf Farm ducks have been raised on local, family-owned farms. These farmers provide exceptional care for these ducks and are genuinely committed to raising the best birds possible.

4Michigan Turkey

Michigan Turkey starts by growing some of the best heavy tom turkeys in the industry. West Michigan is an ideal location, with its temperate climate, rich land and abundant local feedstocks.

3Plainville Farms

Experts in farming since 1835, Plainville Farms was one of the first turkey companies in the country to humanely grow healthy and great-tasting turkeys with natural, time-tested methods refined over six generations of farming.


Soom Foods is a leading purveyor of premium tahini – a paste made from 100% roasted and pressed sesame seeds. Soom Tahini is a delicious, nutritious and versatile ingredient favored by at-home and professional chefs.

1Weisenberger Mills

Six generations of Weisenbergers have operated the mill at the present location since 1865. They now offer more than seventy items including all purpose baking flour, complete mixes for many popular end products, and breading blends for chicken, fish, meats, and vegetables.