The Long in Longdale Farm

Beyond Local, Sustainable, Vegetarian fed, and Antibiotic-Free, CW and Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafood proudly introduce an exclusive: Longdale Farm and The Beef behind the buzzwords.

Oh, Chocoa!

Chocoa, The Chefs’ Warehouse’s very own private label is everything a pastry chef needs in a versatile chocolate, and more.

Cure & Morcilla

James Beard Award Semi-Finalist Justin Severino is the Executive Chef and co-owner of both Cure, and Morcilla, Pittsburgh neighborhood restaurants dedicated to local sourcing and seasonal cooking.

He Said, She Said

Tavis and Sarah Rockwell met in the kitchen: He was a line cook, she, a pastry chef. Eight years later, they approach their fourth wedding anniversary. Tavis is now Executive Chef of Louisville’s LouVino Restaurant, a prospering Southern-style, culinary inspiration, while Sarah serves as his Chef De Cuisine.

Spring Protein

As the clocks change and we 'spring' into a new quarter, we find ourselves preparing for seasonal events that require our industry to adjust...

It’s Summer – Let’s Party!

Whether it is the start of the MLB season (in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh), the running of horses (in Louisville and Lexington) or cars (in Indianapolis), there are many compelling reasons for adventurous souls to venture out into the culinary woods.

Mother’s Day Bouquet

Spring is a terrific time for the restaurant industry, as we come out of hibernation with two holidays tailor-made for us – Easter & Mother’s Day, perfect vehicles to try out new ideas in front of what is certain to be a captive audience.

Full Spectrum: Anatomy of a Cocktail

the drink: The Spectrum Cocktail Pama Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, qtr. ounce Pedro Ximénez Sherry, 1/2 ounce Sorghum, 50% water/sorghum split Egg White, 1 egg Pok Pok Som Pomegranate,...

The Food of Tomorrow…Today.

One of my favorite spectator sports at the start of each year is countless predictions of food trends for the coming year. With...

Cocktail Anatomy: Prohibition Style

The Chefs' Warehouse is proud to stock a vast myriad of bar ingredients from the traditional to the unique and extraordinary. Everything you need to stir things up!
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