The Lafranchi Family’s been ranching in Nicasio (Marin) since the early 1900’s. They are proud of the quality of their operation and the family foundation on which their business is built.

Marin’s home to 23 cow dairies. The LaFranchi Family is one such dairy, a third generation farm that produces organic, farmstead cheeses. Their goal is simple – to make the cheeses of their ancestral Valle Maggia in Switzerland with high quality, organic milk from their own cows.

The biggest reason I love Nicasio Cheese is that they are approachable. Their smaller format makes portioning a breeze. And since their soft-ripened cheeses err on the side of single or double creams, they melt wonderfully.

3Nicasio Square

Nicasio Square is as mild as a washed rind can get. Complex, creamy, with hints of onion, garlic, and mushroom.

2Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning is rich and fresh. Use alongside our 55 Degrees Smoked Salmon. Drizzle with Bel Aria truffle honey and a sprinkle of Maldon Smoked Sea Salt.

1Nicasio Riserve

A nod to Swiss-Italian mountain cheeses, aged a minimum of 5 months. Nutty and grassy, with the slightest crème fraiche finish, great with lighter reds.