Del Monte Meat Company takes pride in having a regional advantage to sourcing some of the highest quality proteins chefs desire. Our selection of locally raised proteins from the Northern California region are the pride of our organization. We’re especially proud of our relationship with Niman Ranch lamb and its local farmers. Their commitment to provide consistent, tender lamb year round is the result of raising healthy animals in regions with alternating growing seasons, some of which are right here in Northern California’s Solano County.

Niman takes pride in partnering with fewer than a dozen ranching families in the Pacific region, most of whom are multiple generation farmers. Their lambs are 100% traceable back to their birth ranch.

The first of these partner ranches was McCormack Family Lamb Ranch of Rio Vista, CA. The McCormack Family has been in Rio Vista since the 1890’s, and the ranch is still managed today by granddaughter of the first McCormack, Jeannie McCormack and her husband, Albert Medvitz. They became partners with Niman Ranch in 1992, and the first lamb producers on the program.

The McCormack’s are very proud to be a local operation and producer supplier to Del Monte Meat Company under the
Niman Ranch brand. Their lamb operation is a complex system of rotating grains with pastures. It’s a managed ecology where they produce great food, but also support a wonderful environment.
Niman lamb producers use a variety of pure breeds with cross-breeds that fit the ranching climate and provide
consistent high quality meat. Raised on pasture, vineyards and open range, their lamb are outdoors for most of their lives grazing on clover in the spring and alfalfa in the fall and fed a diet of high quality grain and roughage for finishing. This combination diet allows for consistent tasting meat.

The young age of Niman lamb, coupled with their low stress environment, and high quality diet, ensures a mellow flavor that’s never gamey. This is the best that lamb producers can offer, and it proudly wears the Niman Ranch name.

Del Monte Meat Company shares this pride, especially when we know it is sourced locally and is truly what chefs all over the country look forward to offering their customers.