In an industry bereft of stars, it comes as no surprise that one of Longdale Farms’ notable selling point is the consultation of Temple Grandin, an American professor of animal science and celebrity livestock industry consultant.

(From L to R: Dave Long, Peter Assen, Temple Grandin, and Dikse Assen, Peter & Dikse are both raisers on their family farm).

Due to Grandin’s legendary personality, her association with the Longdale Farm brand is equivalent to a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Upon Grandin’s first tour of Longdale’s partner farms, she wandered every barn, reviewing the standards of care for the calves, from first arrival through finish; every step in Longdale’s unique 5-patented process. And Grandin was amazed at how the animals looked and acted.

On any one of Longdale’s partner farms, when you walk up to a fence–the cattle approach and even try to lick you. They’re calm and relaxed, a result of their environment and most-comfortable existence. They’ve got bedding, water, and they can eat 24 hours a day– a small but notable detail that reaps big returns for Longdale Farm’s enduring success.

And it’s a detail that owes a whole lot to Dave Long, the Long in Longdale Farm.

Dave Long has been around cattle since he was six years old; he showed his first steer at the age of twelve, 57 years ago. A brilliant agrarian and cattle rancher, Dave is also a prolific inventor with a dozen patents related to the cattle industry. His inquisitive, scientific rigor has contributed to the invention of Longdale Farm’s 5-patented process, which includes both the self feeder and proprietary cattle feed.

Dave’s unique contributions create a cascading effect that ripples throughout the Longdale farm process, beginning with the cattle’s wellbeing, running through their health, and all the way through to the end product inclusive of high nutrition, consistent quality and superior taste.

Building A Quality Burger
Whole cuts of meat better retain fat and juice creating  a notable difference in tenderness and taste.

Start with a Solid Foundation
Longdale’s special grind includes the choicest cuts from the same cattle.

Beyond Local. Beyond Sustainable.
“The customers love it. A well known Chef in the business for decades said it was the best ground beef he’s ever had.”