After a fabulous food show in Columbus where we reintroduced The Chefs’ Warehouse to many long time and loyal customers of Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafood, we moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The historic capitol, one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, is notorious for its music legends, world renowned venues, and live music, put on a culinary event that was hugely successful and inspiring.

The Back Corner is a very unique venue, right out of a Nashville television show set. Guests were greeted with five formers Chefs turned Sales Managers grilling Freebird Chicken and Wild Game Sausages.  We enhanced the large diamond shaped bar in the foyer with an Oyster Seafood Bar
alongside product inspirations such as Fabbri Amarena Cherries, Pok Pok drinking vinegars and some delicious Lorina Sodas.

We surrounded the bar with tables of gourmet offerings and displays with everything from Java Blue Crabmeat, fresh
Madhouse and Kusshi oysters with a Forvm Chardonnay mignonette to Allen Brothers Angus & Michael’s Dry Aged beef to grains, unique rices including Bamboo and a
stunning bread display. We sampled an exorbitant amount of olive oils, where the Agrumato Fused Oils & Laudemio Frescobaldi took center stage.

We incorporated our amazing array of traditional and flavored vinegars including Minus 8’s Veget8 (a Nashville favorite)
with all our Bel Aria Sauces including the incredible Truffle Sauce.

We even created a La Quercia Nduja Butter to highlight our Tribeca and Bridors breads as well as our 83% Grande Reserve Butter.  We, of course, included The Chefs’ Warehouse tradition of a stunning cheese and charcuterie display where Jennifer
Sussman dazzled the customers and guests with an incredible array of offerings including the Rogue River’s Blue Reserve & Shy Brothers Cloummage complimenting the Leoncini’s Prosciutto Cotto.

The Piece de Resistance was Chef Francois Mellet’s Chocolate & Pastry display which we positioned in the center of the stage usually reserved for Nashville’s up an coming Country music artists and featured chocolates from Valhrona, Guittard,
Chocolate Truffles from Varda, Power Flowers and a beautiful array of delectable delights. The customers and guests were so captivated, that they stayed for hours. Relaxing on two levels of couches an benches which surrounded the entire room.

Everyone ate well and it was a great way to show the Chefs of Nashville what a great partner The Chefs’ Warehouse truly is.  We even had enough energy to take a little bit of time and enjoy the music of Nashville’s Music Row.