Chocoa, The Chefs’ Warehouse’s very own private label is everything a pastry chef needs in a versatile chocolate,
and more. Hailing from the chocolate holy land of Belgium,
Chocoa stands as the deliciously moorish symbol of
consistency and quality.

How do we know this?

To be a Private Label Chocolate ingredient of The Chefs’ Warehouse, every step of procurement is heartily analyzed, and manufacturing is sourced to the the high standards of CW specifications ensuring quality and a signature flavor profile.

What does this conche down to?

Chocoa Chocolate is a time-tested, pastry chef-respected, versatile, bendable chocolate, at a delightful mid range price, that tastes and works like a fine chocolate.

Purpose and Percentage.

Chocoa Chocolate is designed for pastry chefs with high production to those creating chocolate signature bonbons. With a varying range of cacao percentages found in its dark, milk and white, look for Chocoa for all your chocolate dessert and confectionary needs.