The Chefs’ Warehouse chief objective is offering our Chefs everything they need to be a success. We specialize in inviting foremost experts in specific arena’s of the culinary arts to share their mastery (in regards to ingredient application), by conducting workshops throughout the year in our state of the arts test kitchens.
This CW tradition was royally’ exemplified than this past spring at CW San Francisco (Union City CA) when acclaimed British Pastry Chef and Master Cake Artist, Nick Lodge conducted The Renshaw Royal Difference Demo (facilitated by CW Pastry Specialist Francois Mellet) for Nor Cal pastry professionals, on the diverse uses of the Renshaw Fondant.
A key element that Pastry Chef Nick Lodge and Renshaw Fondant share is their reputation for excellence and professional experience with proper British royalty. 
Below, some impressive, dare we say, honorable credits that may ignite your Anglophile inspired respect, or at the very least, a penchant for a divine bit of cake.
Having started decorating cakes at age ten, Nick Lodge is famous for creating botanically accurate flowers that are mind bogglingly authentic looking and richly beautiful. 
Renshaw Rolled Fondant Established in 1898 was first granted royal warrant by George VI in 1950, and Queen Elizabeth II today.
In 1980, Nick Lodge was commissioned by the royal family to make a cake for the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday. Following this, he was also accepted by the royal family to create one of the 24 Official Wedding Cakes for the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. 
The taste of aristocracy: Renshaw Rolled Fondant has a subtle, natural vanilla flavor that melts on the pallet with no chemical or artificial aftertaste.
The Royal Wedding Cake created by Nick Lodge was was nine feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds.
Royal Color, Renshaw R&D and Technical Departments are color specialists, blending all their colors in house to create their unique Pantone producing the most vibrant colors on the market. 
The Royal Family adored Lodge’s nine foot wedding cake so much that in August of 1982 they hired him to create a Christening Cake for Prince Harry which included a finely detailed miniature baby in royal swaddling clothes. (Fact: No one was allowed to eat the baby.)
Royal texture, Renshaw’s rolled fondant proprietary combination produces a silky finish ideal for airbrushing and painting.
A Celebrity Chef of the highest caliber, Lodge is a recurring judge on Food Network Challenge and is the head judge at Omni Grove Park Inn National Gingerbread House Competition.
Renshaw Fondant’s ability to be rolled thinner than other brands while still maintaining structural integrity, is outstanding value for the money.
The Peoples Fondant. Renshaw Fondant is for everyone, suitable for vegan, vegetarian and is Kosher Certified.
Royally prolific. Professor Pastry, Nick Lodge has taught classes at Le Cordon Bleu, Johnson & Wales, the Art Institute of Atlanta and The French Pastry School and  has written over eleven popular books on pastry.