We’re now midway through 2017.  We hope that the first half of the year has been good for you, and that your summer has been great. 

As the season draws to a hot close, it feels like a good time to finally highlight some of our antidotes for the heat, many of which we showcased at our recent events in Columbus, Nashville, and Pittsburgh.

You have come to expect myriad culinary solutions for all seasons from The Chefs Warehouse, and we have been pleased to provide you with everything that you might need for summer menus, from the perfect proteins for grilling to grains and vegetables for lighter fair.

We also offer a vast array of refreshing ideas in regards to beverage options, including still and sparkling waters from Italy and Paris, as well as more exotic options like Coconut Water, Watermelon Water, Rose Water, and Orange Blossom Water, to name a few.

Likewise, in addition to our great many American sodas, we also stock sodas from Italy, Mexico, France, and other spots around the globe.  We can fully equip even the most elaborate of Mixologists’ bars with our compliment of fresh fruit and fruit juices, fruit purees, bar mixes and bitters, drinking vinegars, honeys, cherries and olives, etc.

Please keep us in mind for all of your beverage and bar-related needs.  We would love to discuss our ideas with you directly in the coming weeks.

Thank you, as always, for your business.