Spring is a terrific time of the year in the restaurant industry, we come out of hibernation after a long winter and begin with two holidays tailor-made for us – Easter & Mother’s Day. These two holidays, because they generally fall so close to one another, literally mirror each other in the types of products that we serve and the style of service that we offer our customers.

Easter and Mother’s Day in particular provide us with a perfect vehicle to try out new ideas in front of what is certain to be a captive audience. With these holidays geared towards the women in our lives plus an underlying celebration of spring we at The Chefs’ Warehouse are able to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.

We spent the better part of the winter writing new menus and coming up with new ideas that we will take us all the way through spring into the summer.


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New seasons reopen including Alaskan Halibut, wild Alaskan Salmon, soft shell crab among other seafood offerings.


This is also the time of the year that we look for new ideas in the marketplace and whether they are Allen Brothers all natural angus, Lutosa from Belgium, or even Le Chef Patisserie Gougeres, all of these among others add excitement and stoke our creative fires.

In most hotels and for many caterers these holidays signify expansive buffets. The items are rather ordinary – ham, roast beef, smoked salmon, various accoutrements, the standard pies & cheesecakes. At the Chefs Warehouse we can turn each of these items into something unforgettable.


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Take the standard spiral cut ham and replace it with the extraordinary Leonici Prosciutto Cotto studded with rosemary and garlic or switch the basic roast beef into a bone-in AB Angus Export Rib.


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Smoked salmon is always a staple but there is nothing quite as delicious as a pastrami seasoned Ducktrap farms sliced smoked salmon finished with caper berries, chopped shallots, arugula, various flavored fresh cheeses including mascarpone, and fig jam.


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Highlight that end of the buffet with breads and pastries from Bridor & Tribeca then you could really take their taste buds to another level by topping it all off with a Harissa infused remoulade sauce.


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How about turning the traditional macaroni and cheese staple and jazz it up by using Beemster XO Gouda with a classic Emmenthaler, turning it into a dish they will never forget.


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We certainly can’t forget the always popular selection of sausages and cheeses known as the charcuterie platter. This may be the time to take charcuterie back to its roots and replace some of the standard sausage offerings with Pates, Rillettes, Bresaola plus some thinly sliced Lardo and maybe even some delectable thin slices of cooked Octopus leg.


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Combined with an imported Cablanca Goat Gouda, Brillat or a Pierre Robert triple cream cheese and of course some Boschetto. Finish the extravaganza with Quince Paste, Cornichons, Sweety Drops, Marcona Almonds, Bazzini mixed nuts and of course the Purple Condiment.


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No holiday buffet would be complete without the obligatory table of sweets & desserts. Nobody can set up the table better than the chefs warehouse. Our extraordinary selection of pastry ingredients from companies like Valhrona, Boiron, Fabbri, Elle & Vire and Matisse help you create unforgettable offerings. Add to that the prepared desserts from companies like Symphony and the incredible selection of truffles from Varda and you have the perfect end to a wonderful dining experience for the entire family.

We help you usher in the spring season we will continue to scour the globe and are committed to bringing you more and more delicious, unique new ideas and products to help your Restaurants become profitable, unforgettable and most importantly extremely busy. Be on the lookout for us, we take sampling seriously …