Summer brings much exciting activity to our markets. Whether it is the start of the major league baseball season in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, or the running of either horses (in Louisville and Lexington) or cars (in Indianapolis), there are so many compelling reasons for people to venture outside their homes in April and May. And, when these adventurous souls get hungry, they will inevitably make their way to you, our trusted partners.

The Chefs’ Warehouse is already extraordinarily well-positioned to handle the myriad of seasonal needs for your country club or cutting edge restaurant. In addition, we have exciting plans for a considerable expansion of our specialty and pastry offerings in the coming weeks.

We look forward to helping you to shape your Spring and Summer menus. We have many world-class products and ideas to share with you, and we will soon be bringing our colorful caravan of products and professionals to you, with shows in Columbus and Nashville in May, as well as Pittsburgh in June. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you, and have a great Spring!