As the clocks change and we ‘spring’ into a new quarter, we find ourselves preparing for seasonal events that require our industry to adjust their thinking towards menus that offer lighter dishes.

With Easter and Mother’s Day soon upon us we are looking for the next great dish. At The Chefs’ Warehouse and  Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafood, one of our true and trusted fan favorites will be the BRT (bone rolled and tied) domestic Colorado lamb legs. These  legs average between 6-9# a piece and come already marinated with a mint garlic solution that has been tumble marinated. This process will infuse flavor throughout the product.

In addition to the domestic lamb legs we also will see a huge push for whole and spiral sliced hams of all sorts. The offerings start with North Country smoked hams, which will get your heart racing with its full range of juicy flavor and Smokey finish. Don’t forget, no buffet line would be complete without North Country Bacon. 

There will be a strong call for adding fresh smoked seafood to the buffet line. For these type of events you can never forget to get the Smoked Maine Scallops, and Maine Mussels. The scallops, shrimp and mussels and packed in friendly 1# containers. One of the more unique smoked salmon products we carry is the Pastrami Smoked Salmon Side. We offer up the traditional smoked salmon side with a nice crusting of pepper, to give it that appealing pastrami smell and flavor.

All types of shell fish can also be found on most Easter and Mother’s Day buffets. Chefs will want to offer their guest a full line of chemical free shrimp and well as oysters, clams and mussels.

And don’t forget that the Alaskan Halibut season officially opens in March, and will be featured on most menus. The white, flaky flesh is always a big hit especially after waiting the whole winter for the season to start. Nothing screams ‘hello spring’ better than the  Alaskan halibut season opening. The product can be purchased whole in sizes that range from 20-40# fish, and can also be cut into skin on fillets, as well as skinless fillets and portion cuts.