Cup4Cup’s story began in 2010 at The French Laundry when Chefs there developed a way to provide the restaurant’s gluten-free guests with a Cornet of Salmon Tartare that tasted just like the original recipe. This development was revolutionary for the restaurant as gluten-free guests could now have the same dining experience as the other guests.

World Renowned: Chef Thomas Keller.

The outcome was Cup4Cup, the first 1:1 gluten-free flour that eliminates complicated conversions and delivers on taste, texture, and performance. Just as its name suggests, Cup4Cup replaces traditional all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour in any recipe, cup-for-cup and gram-for-gram, but you’d never know the difference.

Cup4Cup also provides easy-to-use baking mixes, and a library of sweet and savory recipes developed by chefs for the gluten-free community, their friends and families. With the spirit of collaboration at the heart of the brand, Cup4Cup encourages its users to be interactive and share their ideas and recipes for the benefit of the larger community.

An Interview with Thomas Keller, Research and Cup4Cup’s Development Chef Michael Wallace (French Laundry, Pe Se, Ad Lib at Royal Oak Room) and Cup4Cup GM Dave Mogridge:

What is at the heart of Thomas Keller and team creating a gluten-free line?

CMW: “Working in a restaurant where we serve a nine-course menu, our ingredients/menu changes daily. We want everyone to truly enjoy what we present to them. We are all about inclusion. We want to give people back something they have lost, and allow them to get back to something they enjoy. This is the reason we started the company in the first place. We created Cup4Cup as a remedy so that no one dining with us feels uncomfortable or left out.”

By putting the Thomas Keller brand and reputation behind Cup 4 Cup it automatically encourages chefs to offer gluten-free on their menus. Is Cup4Cup the first of its kind in the way that the measurements directly translate from traditional flour usage?

CMW: “Yes. Cup4Cup is the first of its kind; a reliable quality that satisfies a growing need. Gluten-free baking is not taught in culinary school. This makes it easy for the chef that want’s to dabble with gluten-free menu options but may lack experience and find the pursuit intimidating.”

“Cup4Cup translates perfectly for foodservice and we are very excited to see what chefs create with it and how it can help grow their business. Chefs are very surprised at how approachable Cup4Cup makes gluten-free baking and how perfect the desserts and baked goods turn out.”

DM: “In terms of the community and business, we are very excited about the great solution this is for chefs and food service by providing a product backed with the expertise of our gluten-free development, making it easy for them to delight their customers, and satisfy a growing need.”

What sets Cup4Cup apart from other like products?

CMW: “We really do put more effort into the testing the performance than anybody. We research and test every aspect of the market, testing batters and comparing against every competitor including non gluten-free brands. We make certain we are as good or better in all categories. These are the building blocks. We do all of the over thinking so that the consumer doesn’t have to. Then we take a step back and make absolutely sure we feel confident of quality of our product. What drives us is the talent level of the folks behind Cup4Cup, channeling years of experience, unmatched in the industry.”

DM: “Adding to this is the level of quality of our ingredients. There are a lot of internal blurred lines out there in regards to the variety of product ‘call out’ and claims. Alternative flours, protein sources broad, denominators and characterization.”

The impeccable standards Chef Keller, Chef Wallace and the team brings to
Cup4Cup is a level of reliability, excellence, and attention to detail that greatly supports and evolves with the consumer.