The Chefs’ Warehouse proudly introduces Kāpiti Cheese, an exquisite, aromatic, handcrafted new range and our first import sourced from the globally renowned, fresh-food culture of New Zealand. Each Kāpiti Cheese is iconic and unmistakably New Zealand. Each, a bold new journey.

“The Chefs’ Warehouse was founded on the best in class products from around the world.  Kapiti Kikorangi represents the finest that New Zealand has to offer. Made from 100% grass-fed milk, this triple creme blue is a unique addition to our selection.”

Jennifer Sussman,
Director of Cheese and Charcuterie
The Chefs’ Warehouse

New Zealand’s gastronomic reputation of innovation and excellence belies its diminutive size. A small island nation on the outskirts of the Pacific Rim, its food culture of natural ingredients, heavily influenced by local produce and climate variation, inspires Kāpiti Cheese’s adventurous flavors as does the place from which it takes its name, Kāpiti Island.

Kāpiti Island, a conservation area off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, is awash in lush lands, surreal landscapes and steeped in history and culture. The native Maori people have inhabited this island for more than 700 years, and play a vital role in protecting the native wildlife that makes this land unique. Kāpiti Cheese was born here almost 30 years ago, and has partnered with the Maori in their commitment to the land, waterways, animal welfare, and to the communities that help make their award-
winning cheeses.

The taste of Kāpiti Cheese is pure. Kāpiti starts with not only the best ingredients, but also the right ingredients. All of their milk is sourced from the farmland of New Zealand’s Taranaki region, world renowned for its purity, lush pastures, and abundant rainfall, making it ideal for pasture-fed cows. And with their commitment to animal welfare and food safety, they’ve no need to use genetically modified grasses or artificial growth hormones in their milk production.

Whether you go for strong and delightfully crumbly, rich and smoky, steeped in port wine, sharp and zesty, Kāpiti Cheese will leave you wanting more.


Kāpiti’s Creamy Blue Delight

New to the US but no stranger to the world, Kāpiti’s Kikorangi is New Zealand’s most awarded blue cheese with a whopping 15 medals to its name. An intensely decadent triple cream cheese with a buttery texture and full-flavored taste. Exquisitely hand-crafted, from the moment you open it, Kikorangi bursts with hand-crafted flavor, with an unmistakable creamy golden texture and deep rivers of dark blue.

Executive Chef Brent Martin of the highly celebrated Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar, a piece of paradise in The Bahamas, is one of Kāpiti Cheese’s most loyal fans and followers.

Overseeing the property’s 18 restaurants and dining outlets, several which are inspired by the local culture and rich heritage of the resort’s surroundings and centered on incorporating authentic and seasonal ingredients, Chef Martin is rooted in attention to sustainable sourcing and he has a long history in creating a direct connection with food producers, such as Kāpiti Cheese.

Chef Martin brings knowledge and respect for the crossroads of cultures and in Kāpiti Cheese sees a window into the future of New Zealand’s culinary legacy.

“I love the diversity and the ability that Kapiti Cheese’s has to bring a dish together without taking away the other flavors from them. The way that Kikorangi helps inspire and supports the other ingredients  aren’t the only reason why I use it, as their flavors can simply shine through with its uniqueness when appropriately integrated into the right dishes.”
– Executive Chef Brent Martin