Long ago in France, a huge log was placed in the fireplace after being blessed to protect the house and its inhabitants. It was sometimes sprinkled with oil or wine as an offering, and then burned for the occasion of Christmas Eve. In some regions, the log had to be big enough to smolder overnight and even up to Epiphany day, twelve days later. The symbolic cake substituting the wood log quickly became a success and tradition changed from a real log to the classic Yule log!

Offer your guests a jubilant and delicious ‘blessing’ this year by including a dazzling Yule Log on your holiday menu. Incorporating CW Pastry Category’s endless options for application and decoration has never been more festive!
As you can see here from CW Corporate Pastry Chef François Mellet’s exciting Bûche de Noël inspiration,
the creative possibilities are endless!

Created with CW Ingredients Including:

Cacao Barry Whole Fruit Chocolate
Cacao Barry extra brute cocoa powder
Cacao Barry Grand Caraque
Cacao Barry Fleur de Cao
Cacao Barry Guayaquil
Boiron Raspberry Puree