“It’s hard to articulate how awful it was to see so many of our friends in the business lose their jobs this past year due to the pandemic. Overnight, everything went down to zero. For Las Vegas, this was truly catastrophic because we require so much revenue just to keep the lights on. To drive down Las Vegas Boulevard and see all the doors
boarded up was a truly humbling and depressing experience, one I barely have the words to articulate.

Spencer Rudow, CW LV Director of Sales

But, like the rest of the world, we did what we had to do. We did our best to get creative and took the challenge as a chance to step up for the city and be there for our customers when it was safe to do so.

It was September (2020) before the strip was really open for business again. But soon everything started closing down because the occupancy levels just weren’t there. None of these hotels and restaurants can survive with 5% occupancy.  Labor Day offered some much-needed momentum and continued for about eight weeks up to Thanksgiving when like the majority of U.S., our cases started soaring, and we got shut down again.

Now full circle in early spring ’21, we’ve fortunately moved back to 50% occupancy. The city is gaining some control with a lot of vaccine shots going into arms. In early spring we hit our biggest number since the pandemic started, actually sniffing 70% of 2019 sales, which is pretty amazing, considering everything we’ve gone through.

And there is so much look forward to now. Leading the wave of resurgence enthusiasm are the thrilling openings of mega-resorts Virgin Resorts and Resort’s World (both owned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts).

Virgin Resort is located in the old Hard Rock Hotel spot. Offering a one-of-a-kind integrated resort experience with 1,500 Chambers and suites, Mohegan Sun Casino, a five-acre desert pool oasis, twelve food and beverage venues, and signature restaurants and bars. CW will be very busy providing the majority of their specialty ingredients.

Globally acclaimed Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Resorts World is a massive shiny new star. Offering 3,500-rooms in its three dynamic resort towers, with a variety of accommodation tiers for every traveler’s preference, Resort World boasts 117,000 square feet of gaming space. With an extensive food and beverage portfolio, including Michelin-starred dining, a 22 stall high-end ‘hipster’ food court partnering with local hot chef talent like Chef James Trees, and a variety of Asia Pacific market menus, guests will be totally spoiled for choice.  Equally exciting is Resort World’s monster concert venue that has already signed some of the biggest acts in ‘the business.’ Top this all off with luxury shopping, 350,000 square feet of banquet space, a 222,000-square-foot pool complex, and it’s easy to see why Resort World is one of the most exciting mega-resort openings in Las Vegas history.

‘Lechon Diva,’ Dedet de la Fuente of Pepitas Kitchen
Blood Bros. BBQ Owners: Terry Wong, Quy Hoang, and Robin Wong

I and my awesome CW team are really proud and grateful to be a part of this exciting resurgence of Las Vegas, boosted so powerfully by the opening of these two amazing mega-resorts.

When the world can truly move forward, Las Vegas will be the place to celebrate. Everyone will be coming to Vegas to party, finally let go, spend stimulus checks and enjoy the experience of a lavish, wild and vibrant lifestyle that only Las Vegas can offer.”