“Pizza Was The Restaurant Hero of 2020” quotes the NYTimes (Feb. 21, 2021). Its ease and affordability have made it a pandemic staple for many families and a rare bright spot in an industry that has been decimated.

Pizza has been a perfect pandemic option, a comfort food for a time that is anything but comfortable. Where consumers find a meal that’s easy to agree on, it’s also been a lifeline for restaurateurs nationwide, who have found both stability and growth in a food that has a durable history on its side.

We invite you to indulge in our authentic offerings and to celebrate in the passion of pizza excellence.

Strong Foundations

World-renowned Caputo’s signature products are demanded by maestri pizzaioli worldwide, providing high-quality and consistency to the foundation of your bottom line.

The Secret is in the Sauce

Ciao DOP San Marzano, grown from the historic Italian tomato seed – a base difference that elevates and deepens your most prized sauce recipes.

Finishing Touches

Buffalo milk mozzarella is transformative to wood-fired pizza, offering texture, depth of flavor, and a tanginess that’s all its own. The best mozz comes from Napoli, where Torre Lupara has revolutionized mozzarella  di bufalo production – it’s a revolution you can taste in its rich, fresh-milk flavor.

Authenticity is Orlando Foods

Orlando Food Sales is a third generation food importing company.  They are highly
specialized in the importation and distribution of the best FLOUR, TOMATOES, OIL,

Their reach is felt across the USA working with foodservice distributors and
restaurateurs to supply, educate and train this segment on the best Italy has to offer.  They choose to work with fewer products which complement each other, in order to be experts in this field and to bring the greatest possible value to their customers. 

Orlando Foods has a history in the tradition of Italian foods, starting in 1948, with no signs of slowing. Buon Appetito.