img_7502Ten Bay Area CW Chefs and Their Favorite CW Ingredient of the Moment

Chef Sam Ramadan

Boca Tavern (Novato CA,) Boca Pizzeria (Novato, CA) Boca Pizzeria (Corte Madera CA)

Current Favorite CW Ingredient:
Octopus from Spain.

Ingredient Featured:
Boca’s hugely popular starter Charred Octopus, Fried Herb Polenta, Arugula and Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette.

On CW Octopus from Spain:
‘We have bought different octopus over the years, however, the Spanish Octopus from The Chef’s Warehouse has proven to be a very reliable, high quality product with a superior texture and flavor. Our Charred Octopus Appetizer at Boca is one of our most popular dishes. People can’t seem to get enough of it.’

img_7510On CW:
I’ve been working with CW Sales Representative Marcia Little for over eleven years. She is an exceptional Sales Rep and Ingredient Specialist. I think CW is doing a great job. I get all my specialty ingredients from CW; saffron, evoo, foie gras, several varying types of vinegars and a lot more. CW has everything you need and Marcia is always introducing me to new and exciting ingredients.’

Chef/Restaurant Info-Bite:
Hailing from the small town of Nabatieh, Lebanon, Chef Ramadan’s passion for food began as a young boy observing his mother and sister master the art of cooking with seasonal, local ingredients and preserving for winter by making their own delicious jams, goats cheeses, pickled eggplant, fresh herb infused oils etc.

After going to college, and working as a dentist in Los Angeles back in the late 70’s, Sam’s undying passion for cooking inspired him to open his first restaurants in Seattle (1986,) a city he and his wife fell in love with years prior on a vacation. He and his wife would come to own two successful restaurants in Seattle prior to moving to Marin County C.A with his wife and three children in 2005.

In the eleven years since, Chef Ramadan partnered up professionally with Shah Bayreyni to share ownership of Boca Tavern, Boca Pizzeria (Novato C.A) and Boca Pizzeria (Corte Madera C.A.

Chef Signature Quote:
‘Be passionate about what you do and be prepared to work hard for what you want.’

Product Info:
FAO OCTOPUS, A Product of Spain
CL 4-6 LB FAO 34, 1/28 LB CS