Spring can not come soon enough. I don’t remember seeing this much rain in years. I think it’s safe to say that we have enough water for this summer. Spring is such a great time for new menus. With the abundance of seasonal seafood, new products, and fresh produce, it is sure to make for some great dishes.

With the start to the new season, comes the new addition of a great company. I’d like to give a warm welcome to the Bassian Farms family. I am excited to be sharing our products and knowledge to help make us the top protein distributor in Northern California.

I am also excited about the launch of our new Plant-Based Category and the growing abundance of ‘clean and green,’ ingredients we are proud to have available.

Now more than ever, our mission is to partner with you, our esteemed customers, in offering your menus the most outstanding ingredients under the (very welcomed) sun. Happy spring season everyone.