Riverence Steelhead Trout is raised along Idaho’s Snake River in pure Rocky Mountain Water as a land-based, outdoor flow-through raceway farm that produces world-class fish in their native waters with minimal impact to oceans, rivers, and wild fish populations. Therefore when the Riverence folks invited Del Monte/Ports Seafood top reps and specialists to tour their amazing farming facilities in Idaho, the general response was, “When do we leave?!”

Chefs have come to know that CW/Del Monte/Ports has an ingrained passion and dedication to supporting sustainable quality farmers such as Riverence. It is also becoming common knowledge that our reps and specialists literally go the extra mile to ensure we offer our chefs the detailed “down-low” on the exceptional ingredients we carry to support the creations of their one-of-a-kind menus.

Below, Matt Watson of Ports Seafood, Del Monte Meat Company, offers the play by play of the Riverence Tour he attended last April with fellow Ports/Del Monte reps, Donny Loftis, Melinda Liddicote, Michael Christie, and Matt Watson, as well as some specialist insights on the benefits of enjoying quality, sustainable seafood.

“Our Ports Seafood crew traveled to Washington State where we toured the egg production facility. We then drove to Idaho where Riverence
General Managers walked us through the grow-out farms and processing facilities, conversing and answering our many questions along the way. A highlight was the hatchery, where we got to feed the fingerlings (baby steelhead), which is always the highlight! In the evenings, we went to dinner where we got to know each other and discuss opportunities for Riverence in SF. The Riverence Steelhead Trout Tour gave us great information on what it takes to create such a superior fish. Riverence’s expertise and facilities are second to none, which informs why they are leading the market in the sustainable and traceable growing of Steelhead trout.

Riverence manages everything in house, and is very proud to know exactly how their fish make it to your restaurant. As one of our top reps Michael Christie said so well, “Riverence checks every box. You don’t have to choose between sustainability or consistency.”      

The biggest takeaway for our chefs is that Riverence Steelhead Trout
is delicious! Much of this is due to the fact that Riverence cares for its fish from egg to plate.          

It is becoming more and more clear that Americans need to eat more seafood. Whether it’s Riverence or not, everyone can benefit from consuming seafood high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart
Association says consuming seafood two times a week helps reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 36%!  

American Treasure Chef Competition
Produced by Riverence Steelhead Trout

America’s local food resources are a national treasure of great worth, and an art form worth perfecting. In celebration of our amazing American purveyors and chefs, this past spring Riverence held the “American Treasure Chef Competition which consisted of dishes featuring Riverence, spring water Steelhead Trout from Idaho along with ingredients native to America.

The competition was judged by James Beard Award-Winning Chef, Giuseppe Tentori, of Boka in Chicago who evaluated participating dishes for creativity, aesthetic, and inclusion of sustainable ingredients from the United States.  WINNER! Rio Grill, Horseradish Crusted Red Rainbow Trout, Eduardo Coronel (DN) won a feature in CW Magazine, a trip for two to Riverence Farms OR $500.00, Featured credit in upcoming American Treasure Cookbook 2020, and extensive social media shout-outs.