“At CW we ask how the animals were cared for, if our manufacturers are responsible stewards of our natural resources, and if the end product we put into our bodies is wholesome and satisfying.” – Nikki Thomas, Regional Director of Procurement


From the lush farms of Monterey comes a blend of juicy, meaty deliciousness with plant-based nutrition and goodness. The Awesome Burger provides an excellent source of protein, fiber and spot-on flavor made from ingredients that sustain and protect our coast. Vegan and non-GMO.


From nut to grain, unsweetened to barista, this diverse collection of plant milks is unified by a commitment to
simplicity. Each product is made with six ingredients or less, no added gums or emulsifiers – and delivers the
nutrition of the source as a creamy, flavorful beverage.


NOW AVAILABLE TO SOCAL! At Seattle’s handcrafted Ellenos Yogurt, the unique touch to their real Greek yogurt is its distinct, family blend of probiotic cultures, nurtured over years and years of small-batch yogurt making.
Only the freshest ingredients go into it.