Like fine art, the greatest pastry masterpieces are built from primary quality ingredients like Capitol Food Hazelnuts and Pistachios, applied here by CW Corporate Chef Francois Mellet with his dazzling Pistachio & Hazelnut Cream Puff featuring Capitol Foods Company.

From the simplest quality wheat flours, shortening, oils, grains, malts, rice, corn, dairy and egg products to virtually every nut and seed under the sun, Capitol Food Company’s mission is to offer you the very best foundation of ingredients from which to create your masterpieces. Capitol Food Company sources hundreds of ingredients painstakingly selected from all over the world, from manufacturers committed to uncommon quality and sustainability.

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By Francois Mellet

Pate A Choux (Cream Puff Dough)
• 125 grs Whole Milk
• 125 grs Water
• 125 grs 82% Unsalted Butter
• 5 grs Granulated sugar
• 5 grs Salt
• 140 grs Bread Flour
• 500 grs Whole Eggs
• Capitol Foods Hazelnuts and Pistachios

In a saucepan, bring to a boil the milk, water, butter, salt and sugar. Turn off the heat and add the sifted flour, mix using a whisk. Turn the heat back on, swift to rubber spatula and cook for approximately 2 minutes to dry the dough. Transfer the dough to a mixing boil with the paddle attachment and add the eggs in several steps to
obtain a smooth texture. Pipe the cream puffs, egg wash the puffs and sprinkle piece of pistachios and hazelnuts. Sprinkle some water into the oven and place sheet pan into an oven at 400F, close the oven door and lower immediately the temperature to 325F. Bake until golden brown and dry.

Financier Cookie Base
• 300 grs sifted powder sugar
• 200 grs 82% Brown Butter
• 70 grs sifted All Purpose Flour
• 185 grs Egg White
• 100 grs Almond powder
• 50 grs Hazelnut Flour

Melt the butter to a brown color, strain into a thin strainer. In a mixing bowl, using the paddle attachment, mix the powdered sugar, almond flour, hazelnut flour, all purpose flour with the egg white. Add the brown butter until a smooth dough is obtained. Bake into desired shape flexipan at 385F.

Pistachio Crème Mousseline
• 250 grs Whole Milk
• 1/2 tsp Crescendo Vanilla paste
• 65 grs Granulated Sugar
• 25 grs Whole eggs
• 50 grs Egg Yolks
• 20 grs Crescendo hot pastry cream powder
• 20 grs Crescendo hot pastry cream powder
• 60 grs 82% Butter 1
• 60 grs 82% Butter 2
• 35 grs Pistachio paste

Proceed like a pastry cream, when hot, add butter 1, cool completely.
Once cool whip in the butter 2, add the pistachio paste.
Other Components:
Crescendo Gold leaves
Powdered sugar
Chocolate decoration