It goes without saying, 2020 so far has been the most difficult time I’ve seen in the 25 years I’ve been in the foodservice business. However, reviewing the myriad of incomprehensible losses, or getting mired down in uncertainty is counter-intuitive to us moving forward together, towards that light that is slowly starting to appear,on the not too distant horizon.

As with all crises, regardless of how daunting, we are challenged to summon the strongest character within ourselves and to
channel our unique forms of resilience.

From what I have witnessed, it is the customer, who has embraced the situation and focused their energy on being creative and rebuilding their business, who have been the most successful in surviving the current catastrophe that is COVID-19.
I am not speaking of a thriving business, but one strong enough to attract customers, pay the bills and retain employees; to
survive, to get through.

The unwavering good news is that we are social animals. People want to go out and enjoy eating and drinking together and supporting their local restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks. Summoning our creativity to create a safe environment for our customers to enjoy dining out is paramount to us getting past the obstacles and perils we are currently presented with.

On the foodservice distribution side, we are very fortunate with our employees who have been understanding, professional, and
adaptable during these unprecedented times. Beyond this, they have been remarkably generous with their time and energy, often going beyond the call of duty to help fill the void of lack of sales and customers. This level of commitment and loyalty has been present on our operations side, as well.

I am exceedingly impressed with our ability to be more nimble and proactive than our competition. Because of this, I believe CW will bounce back faster and stronger than ever.

The silver lining to this experience is the new perspective we have gained. When in crisis we come together.Our strength and sense of community rise above and beyond. From a CW standpoint, despite the immense challenges and loss, this pandemic has brought our great national company closer together. It has never been more apparent than when we look to each other for strength and ideas. When we lean on each other and remind ourselves that we’re all in this together, we can endure anything.

I know this experience of unity and resilience resonates with you and your restaurants, businesses, and families. When we
get to the other side of this, we will be empowered together by our invaluable relationships and potential. One day at a time,
together, we will bring North America “back to the communal table.”