The globe and the world of nutrition are facing increasingly complex, multifaceted challenges. Sustainable development not only concerns the environmental dimension but also has an important socio-economic aspect. Unhealthy lifestyles and food safety alerts undermine individual and collective health and well-being.

In our first 100 years, we’ve endured challenges that have led to greater resilience, better choices, and stronger relationships. Our relationship with The Chefs’ Warehouse is an enduring one that spans decades, forged by two family businesses with a shared passion for quality that extends across our teams, families, and customers.

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Among Monini’s new products are their Monocultivars, an award-winning range of 100% Italian, Organic, varietal EVOOs that stack up like a row of fine Italian wines. How should chefs approach these three high-quality ingredients?

Monini’s National Sales Manager of Foodservice, Chris Moccia discusses the solutions and opportunities Monini’s premium finishing EVOOs provide to the shifting demands of today’s restaurant menus. Key among Monini’s benefits: Quality and Value.

The Perfect Pairing
With Frantoio you’ll perceive intense vegetable aromas: artichoke, thistle, along with notes of green almond. “This cultivar is indigenous to Umbria and perfect for Umbrian or any rustic cuisine,” Chris says. “From grilled meats, soups, lentils, to pasta and plant-based cuisine.” And though it’s a hard choice, Frantoio is also his favorite.

Pungent, Spicy
“From the south of Apulia, the Coratina varietal is what makes the GranFruttato grand.” Fresh, with intense notes of green almond, rocket, and a spicy hint of white pepper. Chris highlights its uniqueness and rarity, as few companies bottle Cortina. “It’s pungent and spicy. Chefs trip their lids over this,” he says. “It’s super-bitter in the best way with the strength to hold up to a ribeye.”

The Crowd-Pleaser
Native to Sicily, the Nocellara aroma is reminiscent of tomato leaves, mown grass, mint and sweet almond. Chris highlights its quality and versatility, “You can do whatever you want with it. It’s perfect with any type of seafood” he says. “Not many Italian EVOOs are buttery – but this one is. It’s a crowd-pleaser. It’s so versatile and well-liked. And it works great with vegetables.”


GranFruttato is Mr. Monini’s brainchild. Personally sourced by Zefferino, it has unmatched quality standards. “It’s fantastic,” Chris says. “It’s all at once fruity, peppery, fresh, spicy. And perfect for raw vegetable preparations.”

GranFruttato is also your go-to salad dressing oil. With its unmistakable, intense flavor, it also has a convenient pop-up pourer for accurate dosage and improved hygiene.


Mellow and crafted from late-harvest olives, Amabile has a medium fruity fragrance and a floral, grassy flavor. It’s ideal for the chef seeking nuance, subtleties of flavor – who’s looking for something that’s not as bold, that’s less bitter.

Amabile pairs great with seafood, like lobster, or a yellow-tail crudo. It also has a convenient pop-up pourer, for accurate dosage and improved hygiene.

Premium Coupage

Monini’s workhorse does everything. It’s versatile, balanced – characterized by its unmistakably Italian taste profile reminiscent of freshly cut grass and almond with a slight peppery finish.

Chris says, “Originale’s phenomenal packaging – a 7-layer space age bladder and no-drip spout means it’s protected from the 3 enemies of olive oil: there’s no oxidation, no light penetration, and kept away from heat it stays totally fresh, protecting your bottom line.”