When EVP West Coast Bruce Luong and CW Rep Karine Du Mee gave CW Mag the heads up to highlight Hunger At Home, a Bay Area Non For Profit, led by former high profile Executive Chef now Chief Operations Officer for Hunger At Home, Dinari Brown (And Ewell Sterner), we jumped in because we love to highlight CW’s active generosity in nurturing a wide spectrum of meaningful N.F.P. s, especially those whose platform strike right at the heart of what CW is all about, quality sustenance.

We then reached out to Chef Dinari Brown himself for an interview. What we learned from him was so inspiring and so directly applicable to how the food industry can make a mammoth difference in the worsening epidemic of ‘food insecure’ children and adults across our beloved nation, that we thought, more than just highlight how CW is dedicated to donating and making a a real difference, we could also help to spread the word and raise awareness of how easy and gratifying it is to make a difference via Hunger At Home.

First and foremost Hunger At Home makes it easy, straightforward, free, and above all else, legal to donate without liabilities.

“Chefs’ Warehouse has been an amazing in-kind sponsor for our annual fundraising galas. We have been able to procure amazing items donated over the last few events. With the help of Chefs’ Warehouse and our other sponsors, we spent $0 on food and beverage for our recent gala event of over 800 people that had 14 unique food stations. Pretty amazing how we can all come together to benefit those in need.”
– Hunger At Home,
C.O.O. Dinari Brown

Hunger At Home biggest difference from similar not-for-profits is that they act as a conduit between industry partners (distributors, hotels, stadiums, restaurants, caterers) and the community based non-profit organizations (the not-for-profits who feed insecure people, soup kitchens etc, community cafeterias etc.)

For Instance, recently CW, with the generous help of our vendors donated:  (Duck Confit), Ports Seafood Lump Crab Meat, Olives, and Valrhona Chocolate (Bon Bons), Florian Bellanger of MAD MAC (Macarons), Fabrique Delice, to the 2018 Hunger At Home, Gala Fundraiser. Additionally, because CW is signed up with H.A.H for ongoing donations, when CW has an excess of product it is picked up by H.A.H and delivered that day to one of the not-for-profit kitchens H.A.H works with. This type of relationship is easy to achieve and makes such an extraordinary difference in the type of food being served to the staggering amount of food insecure people in virtually every town in America.