Despite the mixed emotions of this past summer, there is a lot to be happy about moving into the fall season. With business recovering quickly, CW has had the ability to serve our customers and the opportunity for our sales reps to build the business again.

I was very pleased with the way restaurants reopened at the rate they did during the spring and summer months. As well, CW rebounded much more quickly than I originally anticipated. I feel very fortunate in that, even through great challenges, CW was able to overcome a lot of labor shortages because our existing staff was so great at picking up the pieces.

As the industry continues to recover this fall, a different type of ‘harvest’ is at hand; a time to gather strength, ability, and collaboration.  We must continue to summon our resilience and work with what we have and make the most of it. The silver lining is that we discover what we have is more than enough; we surprise ourselves with the brilliance of what we can create.

The definition of the word ‘harvest’ means ‘to gather,’ which makes me think of how when our industry comes together we can do amazing things and conquer any challenge.

The other side of gathering is relevant in CW’s product mix. We truly have the most amazing offerings for our customers. We curate such a specific type of high-quality product crafted by the best category specialists in the industry. We continue to
meet with our vendors to learn about new products that we can bring to our
customers. Regardless of obstacles, we are constantly reaching to add new line items so that you, our chefs, can continue to be innovative and flexible.

The fall is one of my favorite seasons; a time to slow down and focus. As the weather cools and travel slows for a bit, it is a time to be around family and friends and enjoy all of the beautiful autumnal ingredients. It is also a time for celebrating each of our unique bounties, literally and figuratively.

Finally, this is a great moment to get present to our gratitude for being far enough along this ‘unprecedented’ road that we can come together safely to the tables that nourish, sustain, and bring us joy. Happy Fall Everyone.