About 10 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Bianchi-Moreda for the first time. She was in her first year of producing a little known cheese called Estero Gold. Karen’s warm smile and personality won me over – as did her cheese. There was something about her that just stood out.

Her sons, Joe and Jim, were finishing college at the time, in fields related to dairy science and cheese making. She beamed whenever she talked about them. It was evident that her love for her sons, and the future of having them work together, was the source of her joy.

Joe and Jim have since graduated from college, and Joe has stepped into the role of Head Cheese Maker at Valley Ford Cheese Co.working alongside his mom.

Since spending time working and researching in New Zealand, Jim has rejoined the family business and is now in charge of handling the dairy cattle. Popularity for Karen’s cheeses and production for these cheeses has steadily grown over the years.

We are excited to be offering Valley Ford Cheese Co. at The Chefs’ Warehouse. Farmstead, unpasteurized Jersey cow’s milk, is the foundation for their cheeses.

All are very versatile and can be featured on a cheese plate or as a component to a dish – a wonderful finishing touch to a green salad or melting into pastas or polentas.