Gourmet Foods and Van Lang Foods, understand the complexities and challenges of today’s foodservice industry.  For over 30 years they have been helping hotels, country clubs, convention centers, restaurants and hospitals overcome labor, food cost, and quality challenges, in addition to providing a way for chefs to serve a unique dining experience to their guests.

Explore Gourmet Foods and Van Lang’s Latin Classics. Ideal for any event.

Today’s foodservice industry is facing what might be the greatest challenge in our generation and they plan to be there for you. With their consistent high quality, best in class customer service and wide range of unique international and domestic hand crafted foods, they have something to help you become successful.

They always strive to find new ways to satisfy the consumers expectations; and their wide range of food solutions have always delivered.

They offer a wide array of culinary solutions designed to help chefs and culinarians reach their goals with limited resources and time.