Since the beginning of Les vergers Boiron, there was a passion for fruit. Originating in the Ardeche Region of France back 1942, now located in Valence, Drôme, the familial generated company is known for creating the fruit processing activity of heat-treating specifically to each fruit, followed by deep freezing, which is still the best technique today for keeping the distinct flavor, texture and freshness of each
fruit intact.

Today, Boiron offers over 55 flavors of frozen fruit purées, all 100% all-natural, GMO-free and containing no preservatives, additives, or thickening agents.

Les vergers Boiron experts select only the finest varieties of fruit from the best regions worldwide. The fruits are harvested at maturity, undergo a unique blending technique which guarantees product consistency throughout the seasons.

This consistency, a Boiron trademark, along with the vital, natural flavor of their fruit purees is signature to them being the prized favorite of the greatest pastry chefs around the world.

Passion Fruit Bavarian Cake

“76 years ago, my grandfather founded the company Boiron Frères SA. As the inventors of frozen fruit puree, we have continued to innovate by developing our range to support pastry chefs, cooks, and bartenders from all over the world daily with excellent fruit solutions. Aware of what a privilege it was to take charge of the company in 1990,
I continue the expansion of the business with passion.” – Alain Boiron