As one of the world’s leading pastry manufacturers,
Pidy makes the very best Ready-to-Fill pastry.

Pidy has been baking a wide variety of quality doughs for more than 50 years. Professional chefs around the world depend on Pidy in part to offer trendsetting innovation in the demanding culinary art of puff pastry, shortcrust and choux pastry.

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They also are committed to the  local sourcing of raw materials. 50% of The Chefs’ Warehouse range  is made in USA, with the rest coming from facilities based in Belgium and France.

Beyond offering great quality products, Pidy follows national consumption trends, offering a number of gluten-free and vegan options.

This commitment is unfailable at the group level, which means that ALL of their products are manufactured with non-GMO ingredients, providing you with time saving solution to always better answer your needs.

These solutions extend to addressing staff reductions and establishments looking for high value and affordable costs, needs exacerbated by the current Covid crisis that directly affects the US restaurant and foodservice sector and community. Pidy products can indeed be part of the solution.

Pidy’s Mission

Whether you create quick and easy fillings or complex combinations, Pidy pastry shells provide the perfect canvas for your creativity.
Looking ahead to 2021, there are a number of new innovations awaiting to be unveiled, including their NEW! Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup. Stand back and line up!

Recipe: Bouchée Brunch

The seasons are changing, and wholesome brunch and comfort foods are trending. Think thick cut, flavorful quality bacon, wild, local mushrooms, and buttery, flaky pastry. Served with a side salad or soup, this simple recipe is sure to win raves.


• 4 round patty shells Pidy
• 7 oz  slices of smoked bacon
• 4 eggs
• 17 oz mushrooms
• 1 cup ½  of cream
• 3 tablespoons of cognac
• 1 clove  ½  of garlic
• Chives
• Pepper


Servings: 4

1. Cut the mushrooms into four parts.

2. Bake the slices of smoked bacon together with the mushrooms
in the pan.

3. Pour in the cream together with the pressed garlic and a dash
of cognac.

4. Place a pot of water on the fire, bring it to the boil and add a
generous dash of vinegar.

5. Poach the eggs.

6. Fill the puff pastry shell with the bacon, mushrooms and cream sauce.

7. Place a poached egg on each puff pastry shell and finish with a pinch of chives and pepper. Enjoy!