The partnership between Bridor and The Chefs’ Warehouse strives to deliver the best in French Viennese pastries and bread. Our common goal is to provide exceptional products to independent chefs, patisseries, bakeries, hotels, and restaurateurs to elevate their offerings across the country. Bridor is committed to supporting the creativity of American chefs and satisfying their needs by providing a consistently superior-quality product selection in artisan baked goods.

Bridor’s Ready-to-Bake Viennese Pastries

Classic Viennese pastries straight from France complemented by a domestic line to satisfy any palate.

Take Out and To-Go on the Rise

As all food businesses adapt to changing customer needs and behaviors,
Bridor’s delicious breads are wonderful for sandwiches or for your charcuterie platter! Here are just a few options from our vast line of versatile bread products that will help your business navigate the months ahead.