Sovena partners with the world’s largest olive oil supplier to offer you a complete portfolio. They have the ability to supply all types of olive oils, vegetable oils, blends and specialty oils.

You need to rely on your workhorse oils and vinegars. Sovena’s family offers quality that won’t break the bank. Their family of quality includes:

Named for the town in Central Umbria, Spoleto Olive Oil Blends are rich in aroma with a superior quality of taste and fragrance. Its slightly bitter and pungent flavor is perfectly balanced and leaves an almond aftertaste.

Olivari White Distilled Vinegar has the perfect acidity (5%) for canning and pickling. Made from sun-ripened corn and freshwater, it’s ultra-filtered to guarantee sparkling clarity. Also loved as a natural cleanser.

Spoleto Grapeseed Oil, from Spain, is particularly suited for high heat sautéing or stir-frying due to its high smoke point (216º C / 421º F) and is also the perfect addition due to its amazing health benefits.

GEM Sunflower Seed Oil and Canola Oils have been in the US market for more than 70 years. Their solutions offer service thousands of canteens and restaurants, where they’re an essential part of the menu.

Sovena is also proud to offer Tri-Fri Oil offering 0% Trans Fat and rich in Omega 6 and vitamin E and able to withstand extensive frying for a period of 150 hours.

GEM Rice Bran Oil has a naturally high smoking point of 490 degrees (254°C). With a light, neutral flavor and aroma, Rice Bran Oil is ideal for flash frying, sautéing, and making dressing and vinaigrettes.