Going into this fall, with kids going back to school and people transitioning from being out on vacation to staying in their home cities, taking a break and enjoying one’s self becomes about dining out. Obviously, this is great news in our industry, as well as another step towards normalcy after the heavily unpredictable nature of the past couple of years. With the confidence of being able to depend much more on the regularity of diners, chefs can get back to focusing more on being creative with their menus, rather than worrying about if people are coming back or not.

In terms of supply chain issues, it’s reassuring that items are reliable on the domestic side. Despite continuing to see inconsistency in terms of receiving international supplies, we anticipate things will begin to get back to more normal levels as folks continue to return back to work and people return to dining out in full capacity both locally and globally.

One of the great ways CW supports our customers is by offering myriad options –-sourcing quality products that are
available for their kitchens, as well as introducing new ingredients to chefs that can truly revitalize their menus. CW’s winning formula of providing ‘chef to chef’ expert service, with the majority of our sales team having chef backgrounds, offers an unparalleled kind of partnership. Fostering rich relationships with our chefs also helps us get through whatever challenges come our way, like the ebb and flow of a recession, together.

As the fall season ushers in, I am once again conscious of how very fortunate we are to live on the West Coast where the majority of produce is grown right in our region and harvested this time of year. It is always exciting to see chefs pivot their menus with autumnal creations utilizing the fruits and vegetables in season from local markets, such as the CW Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica which reaches our West Coast chefs very quickly, often within hours from being picked. As we move towards Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for the people, our team at The Chefs’ Warehouse West Coast and Canada. It is an understatement to say our people are great. This dynamic group of dedicated and talented individuals really makes our current business what it is today.

Speaking of gratitude, this past year, like with so many markets, CW has had operational struggles, whether due to labor shortages or moving to new warehouses and so forth. I’m very thankful to you, our loyal customers, for being patient with us as we’ve navigated challenges that came our way following the pandemic.

I am very proud to say that CW West Coast and Canada are better now than we have ever been. We simply would not be here without your patience and understanding. We are excited and ready to offer you the best service in the industry and to help your business grow. Here’s to all of us reaping the harvest of our collective resilience, hard work and creativity!

Happy Fall everyone!