‘Tis the season for Pastry Chefs’ drive to find unexpected color schemes for the holiday season’s pastry delights. And it’s no wonder, since color’s emotional evocation drives 85% of the season’s consumer purchases.

This season, go blue. Blue isn’t a foreign hue to the holiday season, due to its steady seasonal representation of snow and winter. Blue has also long been a stalwart of Hanukah, representing the stripes of the tallit, the traditional Jewish prayer shawl. However, when it comes to all-natural vibrancy, Blue ‘is’ new and it’s a vivid part of CW’s Non-AZO all-natural food safe color range.

Blue hasn’t always been healthy or natural. AZO dyes were originally created for the textile industry, and weren’t designed for human consumption. Studies have shown certain AZO dyes to be toxic, containing carcinogenic amines and impurities. Blue AZO has been linked to hyperactivity in young children, and bans on specific AZO dyes have been enforced throughout the world for decades, with eco-labels, legislation, and regulation.

And while competing scientific studies have yet to form conclusiveness, the AZO debate continues to rage. However, the growing food movement for all-natural extends to flavorings and colorings and we’re proud that the growing food movement for health and wellbeing also extends to our CW Pasty Range of  Non-AZO colors, including vibrant hues of blue.