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Adored by the world’s greatest pastry chefs, (including award-winning Chef Francois Beheut of newly opened Hotel Pendry in West Hollywood. See adjacent feature) Easy Leaf Products have been serving artisan chefs for over 50 years.

The company’s success comes from its long-standing relationships with the most
reputable European Gold Leaf Manufacturers with its precious gold tracing back to ancient times.

And Gold Leaf isn’t just for desserts.

Dazzle your customers with gold enhanced champagne cocktails, deviled eggs, caviar, sushi platters, filet mignon, and your signature specialty menu offerings.

You can even quench your guest’s thirst for excitement with 24 Karat Gold Elixir LUXWTR! (Now available CW/LA.) LUXWTR infuses the highest quality edible 24k Gold (from Easy Leaf Products) sourced only from nature’s most pristine, naturally alkaline, and minerally dense spring water. Take your menu to the next level of celebration, with the exquisite accent of gold only possible with Easy Leaf Products!

The mark of an incredible ingredient is established by the talented and discerning chefs that utilize them frequently as one of their signature components.

When CW Magazine reached out to France born and trained Executive Pastry Chef, François Behuet, of recently opened luxurious-gem, The Pendry Hotel (West Hollywood), to highlight two of his Pendry bespoke desserts that incorporate Gold Leaf by Easy Leaf Product, his response was, “But of course! Gold Leaf from Easy Leaf Products is one my favorites. I use it all the time!”

Executive Pastry Chef Francois Behuet, THE PENDRY HOTEL WEST HOLLYWOOD

Born in Caen, France, Chef Beheut discovered his passion for the art of pastry and chocolate at 15 years old.

With stunning patisserie and chocolate credits to his name such as Chocolaterie Les
Marianik’s, Chocolaterie (Touques, France), Production Manager of Chocolate Bonbons at Jadis et Gourmande (Paris), Executive Chocolate Chef for notable Chef Francois Payard (NYC), and Executive Pastry Chef for Petrossian (NYC), young Chef Behuet’s unique trajectory is definitely one to watch.

Behuet’s skill for innovating classic desserts is a vitally-cohesive pairing with Wolf Gang Puck’s all-new concept, signature menus at The Pendry Hotel’s exquisite Merois and Ospero venues.

Creating and innovating traditional pastries and desserts and producing chocolate with an artistic touch is Chef Francois Behuet’s specialty. This is exemplified in Chef Behuet’s gorgeous Spikey Lemon Kalamansi Cake with Yuzu Curd and Crunchy Meringue (image inset), and  Marjolaine Cake with Hazelnut Dacquoise, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Coffee-Hazelnut Ice Cream (image top left), incorporating Gold Leaf by Easy Leaf Products.