Since 1985 Fabrique Délices has been procuring artisanal specialty treasures in Northern California, created by hand in the provincial French tradition. 

“Our Fabrique Délices Application Event is very beneficial to CW Sales Reps, chefs and restaurateurs. Though straight forward by nature, these can be tough lines to learn and apply. With a little training, a world of applications become accessible. This is exciting to chefs and their guests. Not to mention that a multiple use product line such as Fabrique Délices is so very important to restaurant owners.”

Sébastien Espinasse
VP Sales and Marketing
Fabrique Délices

From mesmerizing Pâtés, Mousses, Saucisson Sec, Magret, Duck Confit, Rillettes, Garlic Sausage Merguez, Saucisse de Toulouse, Boudin Noir, Boudin Blanc to name but a few. If you want to offer your guests the very best in authentic French ingredients, created in “our own backyard,” Fabrique Délices is your one-stop shop.

To highlight the myriad of exciting possibilities and accessibility of the Fabrique Délices product line, this past fall, Sébastien Espinasse,
created an inspiring Application Event conducted at San Francisco restaurant, Cocotte, owned/operated by fellow Frenchman and friend, Chef Mikael Audry.

Sébastien Espinasse shared, “Not often do you get to see our full product line worked with by a great French Chef, like Mikael Audry. This is a great opportunity to share what Fabrique Délices is all about. So many possibilities.”

Chef Audry stuns with a simple pairing of Fabrique Délices’ Boudin Blanc and romaine.
For a delightful French spin on a traditionally English appetizer, Chef Audry also created his version of Pig-in-a-Blanket, utilizing Fabrique Déices Bistro Sausages with herbes
de Provence.
Keep it simple and elegant by offering a single satisfying Fabrique Délices’ Boudin Noir with mashed potatoes.
Rib Eye with Fabrique Délices’ Black Truffle Butter.
Make your artisanal ingredients from Fabrique Delices go the distance by bolstering your salads with exciting, traditionally French, naturally smoked and cured meats,
like Chef Audry’s spin on a classic: Lyonnaise Salade with Fabrique Délices Duck Prosciutto & Smoked Duck Breast.
Dazzle your guests with a refined and innovative spin on Shepherd’s Pie (with Boudin Noir or Merguez Sausage.) 
Go straight to their heart via their stomach with an unforgettable Fabrique Délices Duck Confit dish with lentils without over challenging your work load or your price point.
Fabrique Délices handcrafted, naturally smoked, cured meats kick everything up a notch. Paired with freshly baked country bread and Vermont Cheeses, lunch becomes truly something to look forward to.
Mesmerize your guests with one easy addition. Made from Beurre de Baratte, Fabrique Délices White and Black Truffle Butters are the perfect addition to any red meats, fish or lobster, pasta, risotto, as well as the finishing touch to any sauce. 

6 Pro Tips of the Trade6

1. Pâté should be room temperature and cut into rather thick triangles when serving.

2. It’s a good idea to offer Fabrique Délices Pâté in smaller ramekins. Doing this allows for the product to stretch further without waste bringing in more capital for your venue. Top small ramekins with gelatin. This also adds a special touch. 

3. Charcuterie (and Cheese) Boards need not be very expensive. $16-21, is a good arena. ‘Boards’ help you sell a lot more wine which ultimately helps you sell more food and everyone, even children, love an apertif! They are a great way to sit, relax and connect.

4. Try not to overcrowd your board. Allow space in between your offerings; guests can see what is there and this is better for your bottom line.

5. A couple of heaping spoonfuls of grainy mustard or handcrafted fruit jam are an easy and elegant addition to your board.

6. How you build your board allows you to express the unique identity of your venue and menu.