Julia’s Oven is an exclusive Vegan and gluten-free wholesale bakery based in Las Vegas. However, these desserts and pastry options are on whole other level. Julia’s Oven offers a new realm of irresistible (but haute-integral) indulgences, often considered superior to traditional temptations, and are taking Sin City by storm.

Pastry Chef and Owner Julia Toy’s wholesome baked goods and desserts are non-GMO and free of unnatural ingredients, as are her company’s way of taking responsible actions towards the world and environment we live in. Julia’s Oven strives to bring solutions that will positively impact customers, employees, contractors, our local community, and the planet.

Chef Julia’s palette was developed at a young age in Brazil, observing and sampling her father’s work developing new food products for large international corporations. Her skills as a professional volleyball player led her to the United States which later transformed into a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice as she adapted to life as a wife and a mother. Julia is a classically trained Pastry Chef and follows a Vegan and Gluten-Free diet.

“Doing business in this fast-paced industry is no cake walk. Partnering with The Chefs’ Warehouse has allowed us to
optimally serve the needs and growing demands of our customers.”

Vegan, Gluten-Free Pastry Chef Perspective. Being Responsible.
“We all love to eat, having a meal and experiences, somehow you go right to the heart with the sweets. Something magical about them. Something so satisfying, there’s this incredible feeling.”

“I get these emails, people deathly allergic to dairy or gluten, but they want that traditional delicious satisfaction. We cannot have contamination of any kind, airborne wheat flour, etc. – people will end up in the hospital. Being responsible for people’s health and offering something that will bring them so much pleasure is hugely gratifying.”

Have Your Gluten-Free Cake And Love Eating It, Too.
“Having been trained in the traditional world of pastry I know what these desserts and baked goods should taste like. I’m quite hard-headed. It is crucial to me that what we offer our customers tastes as good, if not better, than the traditional version. I want people to choose my cookie because it tastes better not because it is vegan or gluten-free. Nature has everything for us. It takes more time and is more expensive to make our own cashew and coconut milk for our Coconut Mousse but it makes all the difference. Believe me, I’ve killed a lot of Vita-mixers in my time. But getting the right creaminess and mouthfeel makes it all worth it.”

Kid Tester Approved
Julia’s Oven started as a home-based catering company. Many of our clients were families with children with food allergies. As the business grew, their vegan and gluten-free baked goods became popular because they were just good. My daughter Sophie and her friends are great testers. She has no problem telling me when something is not as good as it needs to be.

You Are What You Eat And Don’t Eat
We are all so different, big allergens out there. A lot of times, these allergies, is the body fighting itself. Even gluten there are additives. Just because something claims to be gluten-free it does not make it healthy. Every added ingredient matters and has an effect on our systems. Gluten-free can also be very unhealthy. For instance, packaged bread with added starch and sugar does not benefit you. We have to pay attention always to nutritional values no matter what our diet. You have to ask, ‘what am I really eating?’ There are great reliable ingredients out there. Like we use Bob’s Redmill Flour’s in everything we do. Some of our cookies have up to six different flours from them. There is a lot of trial and error in our quest to make something perfect.

Boutique Makes The Big Time
Doing something in large volume, and keep repeating to my customers can press a company to cut cost, and use less expensive ingredients. Currently we sell to Mandalay Bay, MGM Corp, The Sands, The Venetian, The Bellagio, Aria, and The Palms (The Palms is the first to have a whole vegan section.) I am honestly, hard-headed, we do not cut any corners and we work really hard. We do not use any additives. Our products do not have a shelf life. Therefore freezing in essential for us.

With CW they capacity, to store we are able to store our frozen product and ensure quality. This partnership is really working very well for us. This is a true partnership. I know everyone is in the warehouse, from our Rep Chris etc to the drivers, to Las Vegas, to GM John Polhemus, we have a great relationship. This is a true partnership.

More Goodness
We are very excited to be expanding to a 6,000 sq ft custom-built facility in Spring 2018. This will allow Julia’s Oven, a team of four including Julia’s father Luiz Goes, a longtime foodservice veteran and product expert, to serve the retail market and local community in addition to her wholesale customers.

Wholesome Advice To New Purveyors
If you have a good product and your doing the right thing. DONT GIVE UP. It takes time. It is all about building that relationship and trust. It takes patience and work. I was just always saying ‘Hello, do you want to see something else? Is there something you are looking for? I bugged the chefs for a year. I knocked on every kitchen door. I thought no one would buy my products at first, but I believed in what I was selling and eventually the doors began to open.