L.A. is about flair and weather culture; Alice Water inspiration mingled with NYC infused grit.

We are proud to boast that “L.A.” is The Chefs’ Warehouse biggest territory: from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, San Diego to Palm Springs. Not to mention our distribution in Arizona, inclusive of Phoenix, Tucson, and Sedona, with exciting customers such as the Fox Restaurant Group (Phoenix) and Pizzeria Bianco with Chef Chris Bianco. The culinary canvas of our diverse region is simply overflowing with exciting chefs and breakthrough creative venues.

Our passion for innovative food is at the center of our lives. There is fantastic inspiration everywhere you look. In the past ten years the “L.A.” food scene has gone from pretty good, to down right exceptional.

Top chefs from New York come here, see the food evolution that’s happening, and realize they can live in 75 degree weather, with the open sky and beach, away from the concrete jungle, and still cook as competitively and creatively as they can back East.

You can get anything in SoCal now. We have our own
Eataly, Momofuku… We’re forging our own culinary identity with  venues like Herb & Wood (Brian Malarky), Beauty &
Essex (TAO Group), and The Lark Room (Acme Hospitality.)
The SoCal destination restaurant list is long and ever-unfolding.

“It’s a small world after all,” and our range of menus from the Michelin starred, from “Mom and Pop” local treasures, to new and exciting clean food menu offerings rolling out at Disneyland, created by chefs who are confident we will have their needs covered as they prepare foods inspired by Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Southern, Moroccan, and Californian flavors. CW makes it easy for 22 million people to eat the best food the world has to offer.

Adding to CW’s winning formula is the pride we take in each of
our sales reps, managers, and specialists. We savor our competitive, “get the job done right,” nature. This is what fuels us to go even farther in being the zenith for food distribution in our clean/green-driven,  sun-drenched, Hollywood-infused, delicious and dazzling corner of the U.S.