If the pearl of cuisine is the royal oyster, the diamond of cuisine is Caviar. So when it comes to supplying the best in caviar? The world’s experts look to Iran, which boasts the deepest waters in the Caspian, the source of the most coveted caviar in the world.

CW uses Caviar & Caviar USA, most recognized under their exclusive brand name of Sasanian Caviar, as their trusted caviar source and CW’s exclusive brand of Laval Caviar. The Florida-based family business is steeped in decades of Persian expertise and tradition. They directly import, process and distribute their caviar in their state-of-the-art facility in Fort Lauderdale.

We spoke with Ashley Jalileyan, an attorney who has stepped back into her family business. When asked what makes Sasanian Caviar different, Ashley answers, “We offer the highest quality Persian Processed Caviar. All of our caviar is managed and processed by the SHILAT Team, who have overseen Iranian Caspian Caviar production for decades. Additionally, all our caviar is packed fresh to order and we have fully integrated oversight of the entire caviar production process.”

In 2008, the United States banned all imports of Sturgeon Roe from the Caspian Sea in an effort to help with the conservation of the Sturgeon species in the Caspian region. Today, aquaculture is the sole source of all imported Sturgeon Roe within the United States. At Caviar & Caviar, they focus on the importance of sustainability, traceability, and transparency of their Caviar.

Of their most popular items, Ashley says, “The Russian Osetra we source is 100% pure Russian Sturgeon and is from our partner farm in Poland. By having complete oversight of the caviar process, including feed, water quality, veterinarian inspections and final harvest and productions we are able to provide caviar of the highest consistent standards that exceed those of traditional wild stock and are now a fraction of the price.”

Smoked Trout Caviar
The highest grade of trout roe. Smoked with an exquisite combination of oak and hickory. A burst of freshness with a light hint of smokiness followed by a clean taste of the sea.

Russian Osetra Caviar
Classic high-grade Osetra caviar, purebred with Russian Sturgeon. Large-sized firm amber pearls that provide an extremely smooth finish.

Siberian Osetra Caviar
An ethical and superior alternative to Caspian Sevruga Caviar. Medium-sized dark gray pearls that are creamy in texture with a crisp, nutty taste.